What to Expect from a Professional Removals Company

No single removals firm is ever the same, and because of this, your experience can alter drastically depending on the firm you hire. With nationally recognised removal companies, you can expect that each branch of that company will deliver the same level of consistent service. A quote from a well-known company might be higher than some independent companies. Still, you will be able to anticipate a certain level of service and expertise to accompany it. Whether you hire a local company or one with a brand reputation, we have put together a list of guidelines that you should expect them to follow. Every moving operation is different, but every removals firm should look to uphold these principles on every job.

Don't be late

One of the most vital aspects of moving is time management. If you have hired a credible firm to carry out your move, the first thing you will expect is they arrive on time. A well-managed movers business will always ensure promptness for good reasons. One, they want to leave the customer satisfied with their work, and two, if they are late, a customer has reasonable grounds for complaint. If they are paying the movers by the hour, then the lost time will have cost the customer money that they can claim back. Alternatively, they can work make right the lost time free of charge. In the event of lateness, you should anticipate that any reputable movers would call you out of common decency.

Mind your Ps and Qs

In any workplace or industry where you are customer facing your behaviour should remain exemplary. Especially when working as a mover, since you will be entering the homes of client's, and handling their belongings. The customer is paying for the service of the removal company and at the very least, will expect the workers to be polite and courteous. Any deviation from this accepted standard could seriously damage a company’s reputation. The inception of the internet and social media has expanded the space for disgruntled customer's to air their grievance. Specialist online review sites are a popular target for such condemnations. Consequently, if they want to maintain a position of respectability online, and win custom by word of mouth, being friendly and professional goes a long way.

A uniformed approach

Typically, successful and recognisable companies are ones where their workers don uniforms. It implies a sense of being organised, professional and efficient. It also has a psychological impact on the workers, imbuing a sense of brand loyalty and dedication. A smart and appropriately dressed mover also has a positive effect on the customer. When they arrive neat and tidy, it provides a depth of assurance that they will handle their move with care and precision. Despite this, removal firms that don't adopt a uniform can still offer stellar service. They just might be losing out on some of the advantages and potential custom, which having uniformed workers brings.

Experience and expertise

If you are hiring a well-established and knowledgeable outfit, then you can expect that they will be competent at moving all manner of items. Small, big, bulky, awkward or heavy, they will have the relevant skills for any item. They will be thoroughly trained and will assume best practice for the packing of each item to protect it during the move.

Help facilitate the move

There are several things you as the client can do on moving day to expedite the smooth loading of your possessions. Occupying small children is essential so as they don't impede the movers while they are working. Similarly with any pets, ideally it's best if they can stay with a family member or friend during the move. Also, if packing isn't inclusive in your removals contract, then making sure all furniture storage and refrigerators are empty will speed up the job enormously. Try to remember to keep some drinks and snacks on standby to keep yourselves, and the movers fuelled.

In summary, whenever you hire a removals firm, you should expect them to be on time, smartly attired and professional and courteous. They should work as efficiently as possible while taking the utmost care at the same time. Anything less than this level of service and you could consider yourself short-changed.

On April 7, 2020